Sergey Penzov

Romantinc Songs Collection


In The Whole Universe
Во Всей Вселенной

   I Love You to Tears
Я Люблю Тебя До Слез
   Please You
   This Woman
Эта Женщина
   City That Doesn't Exist
Город Которого Нет
   I Live In Paradise
Я Живу В Раю

A Path To The Light
Путь К Свету


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'Sergey Penzov is a gifted artist. He received a special prize “Star of Las Vegas” as “The Most Diverse Singer Of The Year”. Usually a singer is good in one specific genre. Sergey can perform different music genres: rock, jazz, and also pop, folk. He is widely recognized and loved by the audience.” - Georgiy Ginzburg, LV Reporter

Demo-1 English|Some mix

Demo-2 Russian|Yiddish

Demo-3 Russian

Sergey was born in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan (former Soviet Union). His musical career at a very early age, winning several contests for amateur performances in his local area, and top (Laureate) honors at All-Union Vocalists festivals.

His musical reach began to expand: from local urban restaurants, Variety clubs and musical arenas to foreign tours: Hungary, Romania, India, China, Bulgaria, USA, Canada, Poland, Mexico …

During his musical travels, Sergey has had the opportunity to meet and get to know several prominent stars of such mega-talents as "Nazareth", "Uriah Heep", Chris Norman, "Accept", "Deep-Purple", "Time Machine", "A-Studio", "Musicola" and more.

In July 1999, Sergey immigrated to the U.S. And has continued playing his music in variety of venues in several states.

What draws people to Sergey?
Sergey has created a whole new and unique art form, with a presence of mind, simplicity and sincerity that touches you; heart, mind and soul. He takes the sounds, words, and images of our time and reveals something you cannot define – something that stays with you forever, creating a 'highlight' in each song that people want to hear over and over again.

Sergey performs songs of our lives. He opens that something inexplicable mysterious that surrounds you throughout life. He bring a unique flavor and feel to the songs you grew up with and those that take you back to the great moments in your life. With style and grace, he creates an atmosphere of sound and music that penetrates your very soul.

So what makes Sergey Penzov different from other artists?His unique and natural gift of singing sends you soaring through the happy times of your life... opening listeners to what remains in their soul forever. It takes only a few seconds to hear the difference... and, then, you are hooked'.


Sergey Penzov

 Las Vegas, NV